Wall Sleeves

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Gal-Vo-Plast Wall Sleeves
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Galvanizing Wall Sleeves

Gal-Vo-Plast Wall Sleeves

Specially Developed Proprietary Coating System to Replace Galvanizing.

Gal-vo-plast Wall Sleeves vs. Galvanizing Wall Sleeves

Gal-vo-plast Wall Sleeves Galvanizing Wall Sleeves
More durable Does not resist corrosion as long
Faster availability, especially for custom wall sleeves Custom wall sleeves usually require an additional two weeks to galvanize
Longer installation life More expensive
All coating preformed in-house Must be sent out of factory to be galvanized
Considerably more economical

Wall Sleeves

Protect your investment and use APS wall sleeves to provide a better seal than a core drilled hole. In the absence of wall sleeves, mechanical/utility piping vibration can cause costly wall damage. In addition, wall sleeves make it easy to repair piping without damaging the wall.

APS wall sleeves are designed to mate with the Advance INNERLYNX seals for leak free performance. APS standard length is 12 inches, however, we can customize any size wall sleeve, keeping in mind a 6 inch minimum is required. Each model is available with a water stop that anchors the sleeve to prevent thrust movement and insure positive water sealing. APS standard water stops are centered, unless otherwise specified.

Advance Products and Systems offers two types of wall sleeves:

  • Model SWSW made of steel with a welded steel water stop; primed
  • Model PWSW made of plastic with a welded plastic water stop
  • Model GPWSW made of steel with a welded steel water stop; Gal-vo-plast coating

APS Wall Sleeves Provide:

  • Quality Assurance
  • A Wide Variety Of Sizes
  • Customized Wall Sleeves
  • Water Resistance
  • Easy Installation
  • One Man Job
  • Fast Turn-around