About Us

QUEST is recognized as a Canadian leader in the distribution and manufacturing of industrial products for critical fluid sealing processes. The wide variety of sealing solutions provided by QUEST have been important tools for many industries including the Refining, Chemical Process, and Power Generation industries. 

Our products have aided in a number of industries towards the goal of an emission-free environment within their facilities.
Our product range is manufactured to national and international standards together with specific customer designs.

Quality Policy

We are driven to offer outstanding service, innovative product solutions, cost effective manufacturing, and quality finished goods inventory. We intend to achieve a standard of excellence in an industry that expects the best from a company whose employees are empowered and committed to continuous improvement using our Quality Management System. We are determined, as an organization, to meet the needs of our customers and exceed their expectations regarding quality, availability, reliability, performance and safety, while maintaining a competitive spirit.

Quality Management System

QUEST is ISO 9001:2015 Certified. We are proud of this accomplishment as it makes us unique in our market place. We are among the leaders in our industry who alone have a Certified Quality Management System (QMS). What does that mean for you? We have successfully created a quality culture that looks for opportunity for improvement. Our processes and procedures directly impact the quality of products and service you have come to expect. You can trust QUEST will continue to achieve a higher standard of excellence in our critical fluid sealing industry.

Experience You Can Trust

When it comes to the bolted joint and equipment that requires a general service seal or an extreme low emissions certified product you can't afford to take chances. QUEST's employees and partners have many decades of experience providing sealing solutions to our clients. We are committed to providing our customers quality products, accurately shipped and on time. QUEST is a prairie owned company! We are ready to make the needed decision when you need it made. So when it comes to your critical fluid sealing requirements, you can trust Quest to get the job done.

One Source

Working with QUEST gives you access to a number of experienced industry experts. We employ Certified fluid Sealing Professionals (CFSP). Our qualified personnel provides a total service solution with a single point of contact for coordination and scheduling. Whether you are performing regular maintenance, emergency shut down, or expanding your facility, we've got you covered.

Production Technology

Our state-of-the-art equipment used to produce gaskets and fasteners of various types are created with the highest rate of machining accuracy, precision, and tolerance ensuring the highest quality product produced in the market today. We have the most diversity in fluid sealing and fastener equipment used to manufacture QUEST gaskets and fasteners. We would love to host you soon to tour our production site.

Production and Distribution Facility

QUEST's main production and warehousing site is located in Edmonton. In all, over 72,000 ft2, servicing our customers from locations in Edmonton and Calgary. Our employees perpetuate a "know-how" that has advanced over the years. Regularly trained in the latest ISO 9001 procedures, relative to manufacturing and packaging specifics related to certain approvals and processes, the personnel contribute daily to enhance the quality of QUEST products and services.