Machine Cut Gaskets

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Custom Cut Gaskets

Our CNC machine cut gaskets combine quick turnaround times with excellent precision and quality. This enables our gaskets to match your specifications, ensuring that they are fit for purpose. Our CNC cutting machines can also accommodate sheets with a width up to 2m. Its large conveyor enables us to manufacture large sizes gaskets without the need for joining.

Our CNC machine utilises a variety of tools, which enables us to tailor each production run to suit the material and gasket design. This enables our CNC machine cut gaskets to feature recesses, rebates as well as grooves depending on the application. The interchangeable tools also allow us cut a variety of materials from soft, open cell sponge to hard, reinforced solid rubber. This ensures that you always get clean precise edges, regardless of the gasket material.


  • Bespoke gasket manufacturing
  • Cut highly complex shapes and designs
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Add a recess, rebate, or groove to gaskets
  • Removes possibility of human error
  • Consistent uniformity across all gaskets
  • Manufacture small and large scale gaskets
  • Suitable for a variety of materials and thicknesses
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