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Duocon Centralizers

DuoCon Centralizers are used to support and space a section of pipe inside a secondary pipe on dual containment systems. These plastic centralizers can be used on all types of pipe including fiberglass, PVC, polyethylene and steel. APS centralizers are manufactured from injection molded, high density polyethylene. Centralizers are also called spacers or spiders.

DuoCon Centralizers are lightweight, economical, and easy to install, requiring only a screwdriver. We recommend installation every 8 to 12 feet. Other benefits of polyethylene include high impact strength and abrasion resistance. The low friction of polyethylene facilitates easy installation when sliding the central pipe. Molded into the inner surface are grooves which prevent slippage and cold flow of coated pipe.

The APS DuoCon Centralizer has excellent dielectric resistance and low moisture absorption which allows it to be used as an insulator for cathodic protection. Sizes are available from 2" to 12" with a standard runner height of 1". Extensions of as much as 2" can be added optionally. Centralizers 14" and above are available in multi-segments. Corrosion resistant polyethylene materials designed for dual containment systems. Available in sizes from 1" to 48".

Physical Properties

  • Dielectric Strength - 450-500 Volts/Mil
  • Compressive Strength - 3200 psi
  • Flexural Yield Strength - 1000 psi
  • Maximum Continuous Operating Temperature - 225°F
  • Tensile Strength - 3100 - 5500 psi
  • Impact Strength - 4.0 ft-lbs/in. of notch