Style 942 combines the pressure resistance of flat metal gaskets with the excellent sealability of the Flexible Graphite (Graflex) or Expanded PTFE (24BB), the Camprofile Gaskets. They have a serrated metal core covered on both sides with a thin tape of Flexible Graphite or Expanded PTFE.

The Teadit Camprofile gaskets have the following characteristics:
  • Wide range of service.
  • Less susceptible to flange imperfections than conventional flat metal gaskets.

    The serrated metal core produces a high seating stress with a lower torque. The thin Flexible Graphite or Expanded PTFE core fills up the flange irregularities and prevents the serrated finish from damaging the flanges.

    Type Description Value
    Temperature Maximum 840 F (450 C)
    Operating Pressure 3,700 psi (250 bar)


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